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Coach Tips

This is the third of an occasional series of tips from Michael Karlin and Robin Corbett.

Coach Tip #3 - Sunshine and Sunglasses

This is the third in a series of tips for U6 and U8 coaches. This tip is about sunshine.

We live in sunny southern California. The sun is shining. Your players aren't wearing sunglasses. So make sure when you talk to them, the sun is behind them and in front of you. Don't make them squint.

Also, try not to wear sunglasses, especially dark one, when you are talking to your team. It's intimidating for the players and you want them to make eye contact with you. And, as we said in Tip #1, kneel when you talk to the players, so they looking at you not up at you.

Send us your best tips at coach@ayso76.org. We'll publish the best them and award you a 100% increase in your coaching salary, just like the one we get every year!